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Homestead Property Tax Credit

The homestead property tax credit is a North Dakota property tax credit for individuals who are 65 years of age or older, or individuals who are permanently and totally disabled. This property tax credit is based on a property owner's income after medical deductions.  The tax credit is a graduated schedule with a % of tax credit based on a maximum income of $42,000.00 after medical deductions and lower.

If you think you may be eligible, contact the Sargent county tax Director office for more details on eligibility requirements. 701-724-6241 ext: 2.

Homestead Brochure (PDF)

Application for Homestead Credit for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons (PDF)

Application for Renter's Property Tax Refund (PDF)

Renter Refund Article (PDF)

Physicians Certificate (PDF)

To Apply

Homeowners must file an application for a property tax credit with Tax Director Office by February 1st (or as soon thereafter as possible) in the year in which your property is assessed and for which the credit is requested.  ¬†If you are permanently and totally disabled, you will need to file a physician's certificate with our office.

You may also contact the Tax Director office for more information about the Renters Refund through Homestead Property Tax Credit.

Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 116

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